Flensborgarskólinn - English

Flensborgarskólinn is an upper secondary school, serving students who want to learn. We offer top facilities, labs and equipment, very modern classrooms, a wide range of study lines, a sports academy, top level choir and very skilled staff.


Flensborgarskólinn in Hafnarfjörður

Physical address: Hringbraut 10, 220 Hafnarfjörður.

Postal address: Box 240, 222 Hafnarfjörður, Iceland
Phone: +354 565 0400
Fax: +354 565 0491
E-mail: flensborg@flensborg.is
Number of staff: ca. 100
Teachers: ca. 60+
Students: 700-800
Headmaster: Magnus Thorkelsson
Vice Principal: Hrefna Geirsdottir 
A brief description of the school and the University Entrance Diploma

Flensborgarskólinn is a health promoting school
Flensborg is the leading school in the Health promoting school project, overseen by the national Directorate of health. It is a massve project. Presentations.

Flensborgarskólinn's sports academy
Flensborgarskólinn runs a high quality and ambitous sports academy in cooperation with local sports clubs. At present up to 200 students are acceptet.

Flensborgarskólinn's choir

Flensborgarskólinn's choir has a long history, and plays a vital part in the life of the school. The choir performs at formal events such as the end of term, but it primarily goes its own way, organizing its schedule and concerts by itself. The conductor of the choir is Hrafnhildur Blomsterberg.

Flensborgarskólinn's Annual reportsPTAVisionGoalsSelf evaluation reports, Organisational charts, School contractStaffSchool management teamGraduations. 

Flensborgarskólinn's students
Social life at the school is varied. The Society's Board, and its various committees, organise and oversee the society's activities. The school's student union, NFF, makes sure student life is fun and exciting.

Album with photographs from special events and the daily life in Flensborgarskólinn.

The History of the School

Flensborgarskólinn is one of the oldest schools in Iceland, and has undergone many changes through the years. Founded in 1877 as a primary school, it became a lower secondary school five years later, in 1882, and that date is usually used as the school's birth-date. Reverand Þórarinn Böðvarsson, Dean of Garðar in Álftanes, founded the school in memory of his son, Böðvar, who died in 1869, at the age of 19. Rev. Þórarinn Böðvarsson bought an old shop in the south of Hafnarfjörður, in which to house the school. Merchants from Flensborg, a town in southern Jutland, had originally plied their trade in this shop. The shop was thus associated with their hometown, and called the Flensborg Shop, while the place was known as Flensborg. This is how the school received its name, and it has kept this name even though it is now located in another part of town. The oldest school house burned to the ground in 1930, and in 1937 the school moved into new premises on Hamarskotstún, where it has been ever since, overlooking the growing town of Hafnarfjörður. Between 1892 and 1908, the school ran a special teaching department. This was the first organized teaching course in Iceland, but it stopped when the Iceland College of Education was founded in Reykjavík. In the 1970's and 1980's the school was among the leaders of an educational revolution and in this century it is well known for its leading role in the Healthy scholls movement as well as for  its choir and sports academy.

Among the alumni of the school are leading politicians at national and council levels, musicians, actors and other artists as well as some of Icelands most renowned athletes in handball, soccer, swimming to mention a few. We are especially proud of the fact that several of the players in our womens international soccer team are fro Flensborg.

Flensborg is a shool with a great deal of history but still it is fresh. A gentle very modern and ambitious giant if you like.


Flensborgarskólinn | Hringbraut 10 | 220 Hafnarfirði | Sími 565 0400 | flensborg@flensborg.is